I founded Altruist because I was frustrated.

I was frustrated because, as a financial advisor, I couldn’t serve a huge portion of people who needed great, independent financial advice. And it wasn’t just me. I was working alongside talented advisors with a sincere desire to serve their communities who were experiencing the same frustration. 

Each element of an advisor's business was cumbersome, driving up costs and decreasing access for investors. The systems and structures had become—and still are—archaic, bloated, and primarily meant to serve the wealthy. 

Simply put: We are working within a very broken system. 

We designed Altruist to reimagine all the essential pieces of an advisor’s experience so that they could focus on delivering their expertise and knowledge to better serve their clients. In a few short years, we've made it so that advisors can digitally open accounts for their clients in under 2 minutes, fund and transfer money with no paper at all, view performance, bill, and build custom models that automatically rebalance—all in one seamless experience. We’ve integrated all of the essential tools while making each step much more intuitive to run an advisory practice, and it’s been thrilling to see how our users have been taking full advantage of these innovations. 

While the progress we’ve made so far is incredibly gratifying, it’s also just the beginning. We know we still have work to do. We’re continuing to develop and release new tools that fully unlock advisors to run their own firms on their own terms.

And we know that to actually change the industry, we have to do it in lockstep with advisors who share our values. 

We know you’re out there. 

We want to work with courageous advisors: people with the courage to serve new clients, who have the courage to challenge the status quo, and who have the courage to build a future where everyone benefits. 

Courage can be hard. I have the words “be courageous” tattooed on my forearm to remind me to keep going, even when it’s daunting. And courage isn’t simply doing the right thing—it’s doing the right thing in the face of the unknown. But here’s the truth: You aren’t alone. If you’re frustrated about the way things are and passionate about creating a different paradigm for financial advice, let's fucking go. 

The last three years have been the most gratifying force in my life: My career is completely aligned with my life’s work, and I wake up energized to continue to expand what’s possible for advisors and for the people they wish to serve. I want nothing more than for the advisors we work with to have this as well. 

If our journey speaks to you and you’re passionate about transforming people’s lives through great financial advice, we’d love to connect. I’ll be hosting open office hours on Friday, October 1 at 3 ET / 12 PT where I’ll be sharing learnings from our journey and talk about ways we can work towards this vision of becoming an unstoppable force in the industry.