#TeamAltruist is powered by kindness, brilliance, and grit. Meet Saier Jiang, a Client Advocate.

After going to college in the East Coast at St. John’s University, Saier had to grind to get his foot in the door in the financial services industry.

As an Asian carving his path, Saier did everything he could in order to not be overlooked. Since he didn’t go to an Ivy League school or have a fancy internship, he knew the odds were stacked against him. He found an internship on Craigslist to work for a broker-dealer on Wall Street which kick-started his career in sales.

This was my first introduction to a career in wealth management. They were offering me the opportunity to get licensed and since I didn’t go to a fancy college or look like a typical sales guy, this was a great opportunity to build my credibility”

After getting that license and experience, he spent a few years at J.P. Morgan where he found that the culture was not a good fit for him. His team wasn’t collaborative and there was no camaraderie. 

Saier is now at Altruist working with a diverse team and has even received his CFP designation. Those credentials allow him to build credibility with advisors and understand their needs on a deeper level.

At Altruist, our team is extremely collaborative even though we’re fully remote. We’re all invested in each other’s success and everyone is always willing to help each other out.”

Saier loves working at Altruist because of his team and how they approach sales. The Client Development team operates as consultants for advisors, and they’re truly invested in their client's well-being.

We uncover challenges or problems that advisors are facing, and we work to solve those problems. That’s not how other companies approach sales. Usually, it’s cold calling and you move on, but at Altruist we’re fully invested in the success of our clients.”

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