If we’ve learned anything in the past few years of building Altruist, it’s this: modern advisors care deeply about the lives of their clients, and they’re relentless about it.


It’s what inspires us to wake up, roll up our sleeves, and build the tools advisors need to do what they do best—care for their clients’ financial lives. We know each client is unique and requires a custom, personalized approach. But we also know that many advisors crave simplicity to deliver precise and effective solutions for their clients so they can spend time doing what they love the most. 

That’s why we’re proud to be able to partner with some of the leading asset managers in the world to offer Altruist advisors access to incredible models at some of the most affordable rates on the market via our Model Marketplace. Altruist will offer BlackRock, Redwood Investment Management, and State Street Global models, alongside DFA and Vanguard. These latest model additions, just like the previous ones, were handpicked by our team because they were rigorously designed to deliver elegant solutions for advisors and their clients. 

Our fully integrated technology makes it so that we don't need to upmarket or charge an access fee for advisors—because we know everyone deserves to have access to these amazing solutions.

As a mission-driven company, I’m also thrilled to share that Altruist advisors can offer ESG investment opportunities to their clients when building portfolios in our marketplace. In lockstep with Altruist advisors, this is an additional way we can make a positive impact without sacrificing returns or better customer outcomes. Beyond the expansion of our Model Marketplace, there’s a lot to do to make ESG investing more accessible. Advisors and their clients should be able to align money and personal values with ease. 

We believe that ESG will become an integral layer of investment decision-making, not just a unique strategy. We are going to do our part in expediting this reality and introducing this model is our first step.

I’m excited for how we’ll continue to build more tools and choices for our advisors who work with clients that care about values-aligned investing.  

We’ve been dreaming and designing ways to build tools that expand impact, and we don’t want to do it alone. Our doors are wide open to ideas or opportunities from you because there’s so much we can do together. With the tenacity of our advisors and partners, our collective impact can be incredible. 

We can’t wait to see it realized. ✌️