After four years of leading global brand strategy at Spotify, we’re proud to announce that Zach Pentel joins Altruist as our first Chief Marketing Officer.

We’ve brought Zach aboard to lead growth as we drive our mission forward and help more people gain access to good financial advisors. His 10+ years of leadership in the consumer brand space working with iconic brands will elevate our mission to expose more people to the ways great (human) financial advice can transform their lives. 

For Zach, Altruist is the ideal company to create impact. 

The fundamental existence of Altruist is aligned with what both advisors and clients need—what’s good for advisors will be good for clients. The fact that Altruist was conceived and designed with empathy and understanding that financial advice was only working for a few, makes me confident that we can realize our mission. It’s baked into who we are as a company. 


For Altruist, it was a no-brainer to bring Zach onboard:

Zach is a major asset to our team with his deep knowledge and success in growing global brands,

said Jason, CEO.

His brand and marketing leadership will take Altruist into our next stage of growth as we help more people find accessible advice from financial advisors. We're investing heavily in great people to support our mission. Zach will play a key role in our effort to continue showing the world how powerful financial advice can be if done right.

Zach believes Altruist can be a brand that’s truly meaningful in our culture and changes the way the world thinks about investing and financial advice.

As a marketer, I don’t need to spin a complicated narrative or create a wild tagline. I simply need to tell the story of what’s happening in the industry, what Altruist is doing about it, and why it’s good for more people.